New Sounds @ 93.9

Do you ever run out of music that suits your mood? After hours of debugging and staring at the computer, there are only so many over-played pieces that I can tolerate. But I went beyond the comfort of familiarity tonight, and bumped onto the internet radio of WNYC 93.9. It was playing “The World on Four Strings” during the hour of “New Sounds”. I could catch only last 5 minutes of the program, but that was riveting enough to make me dig the whole episode out of their archive! And it was totally worth it…

The World on Four Strings

For this New Sounds, hear violin music inspired by the Cajun, Norwegian, Balkan, Near Eastern, and Indian traditions. There are works by Steve Tibbetts & Knut Hamre, Kaila Flexer & Gari Hegedus, Michael Galasso, and more. With any luck, we’ll also hear some Celtic Baltic Sephardic music from Teslim, some Norwegian meets Cajun-flavored Louisiana polka from Frigg, and others.

Click here for the full episode.

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