Radiolab: Tell Me A Story!

Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad

So I’ve also been listening to tons of WNYC these days, and my favorite show on there is called Radiolab. It’s a fascinating science show that spends about half the time on interviews with scientists, and the other half on more human interest or personal stories that are related to the science. I think they do a really excellent job of presenting science in a fun way that can engage a 7 year old while at the same time not dumbing down the science in the way that TV shows tend to do. The quality of the show is consistently quite excellent (I haven’t heard a boring one yet).

Some recent episodes that I’ve quite enjoyed are Sperm, Parasites and Animal Minds. I first heard of them via an inspiring speech by one of the hosts, Robert Krulwich, given to the graduating class of Caltech. He makes a great case for why it’s important to make an effort to talk about science to non-scientists. It’s called Tell Me A Story.

Check out more episodes at Radiolab’s website. Happy listening!

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One Response to Radiolab: Tell Me A Story!

  1. rudrapurba says:

    i follow radiolab quite regularly and really like their programs too. some of them are really fascinating. among the newer ones i also liked new normal…

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