At the Intersections of Nonsense

I’ve always wondered what would happen if two crackpots were to meet. Would they seem sane to each other, or would each think the other is completely crazy? Well, thanks to Deepak Chopra I no longer need to dwell on this conundrum.

DEEPAK: You know, it’s very interesting. I recently interviewed Hans Peter Duerr who was a colleague and student of Werner Heisenberg and actually they worked together for 20 years. The other day I asked him, “What is matter?” And he said “It doesn’t exist”. He said “there are happs”, happenings in consciousness, that are interpreted as matter. So I said, what really exists? And then he said, that the wrong question, it’s like asking (laughs), what’s the color of a circle? And you know, he confused me a lot, but now with what you’re saying — that moments of consciousness are a result of self-collapse. And these are discontinuities, but they happen so fast that they give us an experience of continuity.

STUART: Precisely. Actually, roughly forty times a second.

DEEPAK: All right, I see.

The source of my enlightenment.

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3 Responses to At the Intersections of Nonsense

  1. deturing says:

    In conjunction with Roger Penrose?

  2. deturing says:

    Man this is terrible! It’s worse than bad physics sci-fi!

  3. royanin says:

    I wonder if it has a video somewhere!

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