Horseshoe crab spawning and feeding Red Knots in the Delaware bay

Saw the horseshoe crab spawning episode on BBC’s Life. Something like this happens not so far from here and i had no idea. Every year during spring-full/New moon-high tides thousands of horseshoe crabs come to the shore in the Delaware bay to spawn and thousands of Red knots, on their way to their breeding grounds in the Canadian arctic, time their flights perfectly to be there to feed on the crab eggs, refueling themselves for another couple of thousand miles of flight.There are still a couple of days in June when it would happen. If not this year, you all should try to make it next year. That is if you are interested off course:)

Couldn’t find the Life clip on youtube. A much longer video about the horseshoe crabs and the red knots on PBS(plummeting numbers is not a good sign).

A couple of Rutgers professors have a book on 25 nature spectacles in New Jersey. some of them might be worth a visit.

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2 Responses to Horseshoe crab spawning and feeding Red Knots in the Delaware bay

  1. Aatish says:

    Very cool, I’d like to make the 26 june spawning.

    I was checking out this 25 nature spectacles book on amazon, and one of the spectacles is a new jersey shopping mall, where you can watch the curious behavior of these dominant mammals in their habitat. Hilarious!

  2. Purba says:

    hahaha…i would definitely like to give that spectacle a miss!!

    I’ll be in Cape May on the 22nd and 23rd, but i’ll be up for going back to see the spawning.

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