BMW Tablecloth Trick

I suspect this is fake. I’m curious what people think.

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4 Responses to BMW Tablecloth Trick

  1. Kshitij Wagh says:

    Wouldn’t they have shown more close-ups (like the slight motion of stuff, perhaps a bit of rocking too) if it was actually real? Fakers I say.

  2. Purba says:

    the MythBusters definitely seem to think it’s a fake ;)

  3. deturing says:

    It looks totally fake. The stuff on the table doesn’t move a bit. It’s probably two shots one with and the other without all the stuff on the table combine. They could’ve used an inverse air hockey kind of setup in the first shot to keep the cloth sticking to the table as it slid. Or they have manufactured a frictionless cloth – fine woven teflon perhaps?

  4. Purba says:

    apparently, in the mythbusters episode they recreated the video by keeping a sheet of clear plastic between the table cloth and the table set and applying some dry lubricant to it. the plastic sheet was stuck to the table on one end and then the tablecloth was pulled from under that….one of the few ways to do it?

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