The McGurk Effect: How our sight can change what we hear

via boingboing

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3 Responses to The McGurk Effect: How our sight can change what we hear

  1. deturing says:

    It’s interesting. I think night before last, D, Bong, KG and I were mumbling about the same thing with sight and smell, and sight and being able to perform an action. We were trying to do some particular movement with the hands and legs – it’s really hard when you look at it, but if you close your eyes it’s quite easy (bong’s insight there). For me at least however, when I started visualizing the movement, even with my eyes closed, I got thrown off, and I think this happened with the others, though I don’t remember :P. It seems like our brains are wired to trust visual inputs more than others?

    Also, some of the comments on the Boingboing page match with what I feel. Dissonance and a lag between the visual and sound. Maybe they just haven’t synced it right :).

    Anyway, we should try and invent an experiment where your sight of something changes it’s smell perception. :)

  2. deturing says:

    Also weird is why we don’t hear “va va va” instead of “fa fa fa” since both have the same visual appearance.

  3. Purba says:

    clearly my brain processed it differently. I heard ‘va’ not ‘fa’ :)
    in another mcgurk effect video that i just saw the lip movement was that of ‘ga ga’ the audio was ‘ba ba’ but what i could hear was ‘da da’. wonder if it would have been the same if the lip movement was that of ‘ka’ and not ‘ga’ as they seem to be similar as well. Is it possible that the brain processes the conflict in the audio and visual inputs to produce a different effect for different people? either that or, more likely, one of us cannot distinguish between ‘fa’ and ‘va’ ;)

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