Privatization of American intelligence

I was digging around the internet (primarily wikipedia) for some dirt on the big management consulting firms, like McKinsey, and Booz.

I learned that McKinsey was on a project with the Minneapolis public school board where they tried to “coerce the district into cutting “high costs,” such as teacher health care, and recommended converting the 25 percent of schools that scored the lowest on standardized tests to privatized charter-school status”. That among much other failed advice.

And then I learned (here, and here), that the American intelligence is privatized to a large degree and is on contract with companies like Booz Allen Hamilton, (a part of Booz & Co. which was recently sold to the Carlyle group, another company that does private sleuthing for the US abroad). Under the Bush administration, the wire-tapping program was apparently given to Booz. Here is an interview with an independent journalist about this on Democracy Now. Cut to about 11:00 for this story.

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