Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas

In the last five years, Justice Clarence Thomas hasn’t spoken a word from the bench during arguments, which has led Stephen Colbert to comment “the man is a rock…in that he could be replaced by a rock and I’m not sure anyone would notice.”
While he doesn’t participate in the court arguments, he does engage in partisan politicking. Here is a New York Times reprot on his spending 4 days in a retreat for political conservatives. The retreat was financed by the Koch brothers, who have used millions of dollars from the energy conglomerate they run in Wichita, Kan., to finance conservative causes.
On the heals of this retreat came the landmark Citizens United ruling. This decision (supported by Justice Thomas), freed corporations to engage in direct political spending with little public disclosure. The Koch brothers have been among the main beneficiaries, political analysts say.

For, more conflict of interests, read this.

Virginia Thomas, the justice’s wife, said on, a Web site for her new political consulting business, that she saw herself as an advocate for “liberty-loving citizens” who favored limited government, free enterprise and other core conservative issues. She promised to use her “experience and connections” to help clients raise money and increase their political impact.

Clarence Thomas was appointed to the supreme court by George Bush Sr. At the time of his appointment, he was accused of sexual harrassment by Anita Hill.

A scathing piece on Aljazeera which got me looking into this person’s details.

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