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PM response on 2G Scam, an article by P. Sainath

PM recently spoke to some media people trying to address the issue of 2G scam. This is an article by P. Sainath on how the media missed out on many important questions and how even on the ones asked, the … Continue reading

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Mobius Strip Bagel

Step by step instruction to cut a bagel into 2 linked Mobius strips.

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Why does moon look bigger on the horizon?

I remember trying to figure out why the moon looks bigger on the horizon. Bad Astronomy explains why, thinks Ponzo illusion at heart of it.

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Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, and Edgar Meyer

This video blew me away. An insanely energetic combination of tabla, banjo and really melodic double bass. Check out their album “the melody of rhythm”  on grooveshark.

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