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Twin musical Tesla coils

Got to this video from a NPR blog post on FireHero- some pyrotechnics to go with Guitar Hero :) and that was pretty cool too. check it out here. Advertisements

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Dance of the Yi tribe on Pipa

Heard the Pipa (A Chinese lute) and the Erhu (a 2-stringed fiddle with a snake skin resonator), at the Morristown first night celebrations. Sounded beautiful! Here’s a video of ‘the dance of the Yi tribe’ on a pipa: Erhu uses … Continue reading

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The most isolated man on the planet

From Slate, via a post on fb. The most isolated man on the planet will spend tonight inside a leafy palm-thatch hut in the Brazilian Amazon. As always, insects will darn the air. Spider monkeys will patrol the treetops. Wild … Continue reading

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A Fistful of Teeth – Do the Qesem Cave Fossils Really Change Our Understanding of Human Evolution?

From Wired. A handful of fossil teeth found in Israel’s Qesem Cave, described in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology and attributed to 400,000 year old members of our own species in multiple news reports, are said to rewrite the … Continue reading

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Wild Talk – Radiolab

Another really interesting podcast from radiolab about the ‘language’ of the wild. “Reporter Ari Daniel Shapiro tells us about Klaus Zuberbuhler’s work in the Tai Forest of West Africa. When Klaus first came to the forest, he hit a wall … Continue reading

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Lucchetti D’Amore

In the mood for some randomness today. I had often wondered, while walking on the bridge over the Raritan, why anybody would put locks on a bridge fence. There weren’t enough locks on the fence to have piqued my curiosity … Continue reading

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The Shadow Scholar

From The Chronicle via a post on fb. The man who writes your students’ papers tells his story Ed Dante is a pseudonym for a writer who lives on the East Coast. Through a literary agent, he approached The Chronicle … Continue reading

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Weaver ants building their nest

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From the NPR blog Krulwich wonders. What we have here is the EverReady battery of puzzles. It just keeps going and going. Each of these figures is built from the same 7 elements: two big triangles, two small triangles, one … Continue reading

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Shadow Catchers; Camera-less photography on show in London

From BBC more about the exhibition, processes & techniques and the artists at the V&A museum website . I hadn’t heard of photograms and the likes before, so, to me, it was quite fascinating.

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