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Costs of switching to renewable energy

Interesting article in NYT. Advertisements

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A Chinese project bigger than Three Gorges!

The Chinese governement is planning a project called the South-North Water Diversion Project. It would divert at least six trillion gallons of water each year hundreds of miles from the Yangtze, to the north China plain. Its $62 billion price … Continue reading

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Walmart v. Women

Walmart faces a class action suit for paying lower wages to female emloyees. Yet another shocking malpractise from Walmart. This is an informative editorial in New York Times about the case. I also got to understand what class action suits … Continue reading

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On pensions

An informative article on 401(k) versus pension plans – A bad deal for taxpayers.

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Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas

In the last five years, Justice Clarence Thomas hasn’t spoken a word from the bench during arguments, which has led Stephen Colbert to comment “the man is a rock…in that he could be replaced by a rock and I’m not … Continue reading

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Afghan Boys Are Prized, So Girls Live the Part

This is an interesting article in NYTimes about why parents in Afghanistan sometimes dress their daughters as boys till a certain age. It brings together lots of social and gender issues

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Overseas drug testing

Pharmaceutical companies are conducting drug trials in poorer countries with lax regulation, and sometimes, with almost absent government. This is about Pfizer’s trials in Nigeria. Diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks show the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer hired investigators to find evidence … Continue reading

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Why the recession was necesarry

Interesting statistics here

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Dining manners

This is quite amusing. My favourite line – ‘If somebody took out a calculator to do anything more than perhaps decide on the tip amount, I probably would never dine out with them again.’

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