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Walmart v. Women

Walmart faces a class action suit for paying lower wages to female emloyees. Yet another shocking malpractise from Walmart. This is an informative editorial in New York Times about the case. I also got to understand what class action suits … Continue reading

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Afghan Boys Are Prized, So Girls Live the Part

This is an interesting article in NYTimes about why parents in Afghanistan sometimes dress their daughters as boys till a certain age. It brings together lots of social and gender issues

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Let’s pretend it’s a democracy and better than its neighbours of course!

As much as I’m immune to the inhumanity of the Indian state, after reading this article I was shocked and mad beyond anything I remember for a long time. What is more insane is that the mainstream media is completely … Continue reading

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Gender equity in Sweden

It’s amazing to see societies so “collectively intelligent”, read this article and be optimistic about how well societies can organize themselves to such levels…shows that the much maligned “collective intelligence” is not as doomed. Excerpt: “In this land of Viking … Continue reading

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