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‘The Death of Merit’: A Documentary

“Linesh Mohan Gawle, a second year PhD student from National Institute of Immunology (NII), New Delhi, committed suicide in his hostel room on 16 April 2011. He belonged to a Dalit family from Dindori Tehsil in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh). Linesh’s suicide is just one more addition in … Continue reading

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Illuminating analysis of the Anna Hazare euphoria

The current euphoria needs to be seen for what it is – a massive move towards legitimizing a strategy of simple emotional blackmail – a (conveniently reversible) method of suicide bombing in slow motion. There is no use dissenting against a pious worthy on a fast, because any effort to dissent will be immediately read as a callous indifference to his/her ‘sacrifice’ by the moral-earnestness brigade. Nothing can be more dangerous for democracy. Unrestrained debate and a fealty to accountable processes are the only means by which a democratic culture can sustain itself. The force of violence, whether it is inflicted on others, or on the self, or held out as a performance, can only act coercively. And coercion can never nourish democracy. Continue reading

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Let’s pretend it’s a democracy and better than its neighbours of course!

As much as I’m immune to the inhumanity of the Indian state, after reading this article I was shocked and mad beyond anything I remember for a long time. What is more insane is that the mainstream media is completely … Continue reading

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Nakir Zaik, once again!

Sisters and brothers, On your busy Friday morning if you failed to notice this piece of news, here is one more chance. In fact, I was able to dig up the video from youtube containing the objectionable part: (around 6:25) … Continue reading

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Mortal melting pots

India is fast becoming the waste dump of the world. The hazardous stuff is only the start of it. Around two decades ago, Lawrence Summers, then World Bank chief economist, outraged many when he argued in an internal memo that … Continue reading

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Ramachandra Guha on Adivasis.

In Outlook This essay was first published in the Economic and Political Weekly (August 11, 2007) under the title, “Adivasis, Naxalites, And Indian Democracy” and is republished here with the author’s permission as it – unfortunately – remains as relevant … Continue reading

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