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The McGurk Effect: How our sight can change what we hear

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US Justice Department is against Human Gene Patents

This is a pretty promising step, given that 20 percent of our genes have already been patented by various companies (which would mean that even if you had your genome sequenced, you would have to pay these companies fees before … Continue reading

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Technicians free climb 1768 ft to the top of a transmission tower to fix it

I have never before felt such severe vertigo just from watching a video…

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Documentary Heaven

My dad put me onto this pretty neat site. I bet the legality of it is rather dubious, but you guys will likely enjoy some of the documentaries there. There’s a lot of crackpottery and generally strange stuff, but many … Continue reading

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Welcome to Tons and Tons (pronounced with a thick Bengali accent). The plan is to use this space to upload our favorite links, ideas, and generally have room for the usual gossip and fierce arguments.

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