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Nakir Zaik, once again!

Sisters and brothers, On your busy Friday morning if you failed to notice this piece of news, here is one more chance. In fact, I was able to dig up the video from youtube containing the objectionable part: (around 6:25) … Continue reading

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C M Naim on Ahmedis and the popularity of conspiracy theories in Pakistan

In Pakistani Urdu press, Ahmadis are never described as a Muslim sect. If the writer wishes to be polite, he calls them Ahmadis, otherwise they are referred to as Qadianis, intended as a pejorative. Below I have put the latter … Continue reading

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Nadeem Paracha (aka NFP) predicts books of the future

Many many times have I told you about the brilliance of NFP, here’s a taste of his political/social satire where he’s predicting what books will hit our bookshelves in the future. Hilarious stuff. Some here The Muslim Master Race Lectures … Continue reading

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