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Walmart v. Women

Walmart faces a class action suit for paying lower wages to female emloyees. Yet another shocking malpractise from Walmart. This is an informative editorial in New York Times about the case. I also got to understand what class action suits … Continue reading

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Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas

In the last five years, Justice Clarence Thomas hasn’t spoken a word from the bench during arguments, which has led Stephen Colbert to comment “the man is a rock…in that he could be replaced by a rock and I’m not … Continue reading

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Overseas drug testing

Pharmaceutical companies are conducting drug trials in poorer countries with lax regulation, and sometimes, with almost absent government. This is about Pfizer’s trials in Nigeria. Diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks show the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer hired investigators to find evidence … Continue reading

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Entrapped ?

Don’t know if you guys have been following these series of recent cases, where, apparently the FBI is arresting “homegrown terrorists” employing questionable “sting operations”. If you go through some of the links below you can see a pattern emerging … Continue reading

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The Pope Song

Tim Minchin’s latest. You probably don’t want to listen to this one at work. Consider yourself warned.

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‘Informed Consent’ and the Ethics of DNA Research

From NYT: The cultural gap between the impoverished Havasupai Indians who view their blood as sacred and the Arizona State University researchers who helicoptered in to their Grand Canyon home to collect it was at the heart of a lawsuit … Continue reading

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