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Dance of the Yi tribe on Pipa

Heard the Pipa (A Chinese lute) and the Erhu (a 2-stringed fiddle with a snake skin resonator), at the Morristown first night celebrations. Sounded beautiful! Here’s a video of ‘the dance of the Yi tribe’ on a pipa: Erhu uses … Continue reading

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Finally, those who can play the guitar have an upper hand…

From the NYT “… In the game’s traditional mode, you need only use five white keys, which can be challenging enough. But switch to Pro Keys mode, and all 25 black and white keys begin to come into play. By … Continue reading

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Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, and Edgar Meyer

This video blew me away. An insanely energetic combination of tabla, banjo and really melodic double bass. Check out their album “the melody of rhythm”  on grooveshark.

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Cello Rocks!

That is all.

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Malvina Reynolds-Little boxes

In this 1961 song Malvina Reynolds takes a dig at the life in suburbia. Thanks Sucharita for the link!

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You guys probably know about it already, but i hadn’t heard of this instrument before… In case you too are wondering what it is, check out the wiki page.

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The Pope Song

Tim Minchin’s latest. You probably don’t want to listen to this one at work. Consider yourself warned.

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Mellow Saturday Morning Tune

Beautiful music for a rainy day: Definitely the most moody Led Zep piece I’ve heard yet.

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