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Twin musical Tesla coils

Got to this video from a NPR blog post on FireHero- some pyrotechnics to go with Guitar Hero :) and that was pretty cool too. check it out here. Advertisements

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How to always have a clean(er) pair of underwear while working in the field

Words of wisdom

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Why Gold Beat Out The Rest Of The Elements

A cool discussion with a chemical engineer, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

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BMW Tablecloth Trick

I suspect this is fake. I’m curious what people think.

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Finally, those who can play the guitar have an upper hand…

From the NYT “… In the game’s traditional mode, you need only use five white keys, which can be challenging enough. But switch to Pro Keys mode, and all 25 black and white keys begin to come into play. By … Continue reading

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Stephen Fry on Linguistic Pedants

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Karen’s Spiritual Journey

Karen, the darling of the BBC’s award winning sitcom “Outnumbered,” tackles the finer points of Christianity and Hell before reaching the inevitable conclusion.

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From the NPR blog Krulwich wonders. What we have here is the EverReady battery of puzzles. It just keeps going and going. Each of these figures is built from the same 7 elements: two big triangles, two small triangles, one … Continue reading

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Total Recall: The Musical

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Ethan Zuckerman of global voices mentioned this blog in his TED talk. I’ve always been a fan of creative uses of scrap and junk:) Some of the older entries are pretty neat. “Amongst all the toys were some other serious … Continue reading

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